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Put your body back in working order.

I had a stroke 20 years ago and lost the ability to use my right leg from the knee on down to the foot.

After my initial visit, Dr. Afshari "turned" the nerves on and I left his office with the ability to flex my foot for the first time since that fateful day many years ago. 
Although range of motion is limited from non-use for 20 years, the fact that I'm even able to move my foot at all is a truly wonderful thing. 

Thank you, Dr. Afshari. Let the healing process continue!


Thom S.


Acupuncture Benefits

The benefits of Acupuncture seem near endless. Chemotherapy-induced and post-operative nausea can benefit from acupuncture along with dental pain and tension headaches. It has been shown to improve healing.

By restoring the flow of qi, the balance of the body’s energy, we can stimulate the body’s systems to work more efficiently, reducing a variety of symptoms. Pretty cool, no?

Dr. Afshari has developed a specific program to change your body. Call to make an appointment for more information.
Your support of our program could save a hero's life and make you healthy. 
Ph: 407 883 0288
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