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Weight Loss & Wellness

Lose weight naturally, with an expert coach along the way.



The value I get from Dr A goes way beyond a standard adjustment...he helps me understand what I can do in my daily life to improve my health.

And he encourages me to actually do it. He truly cares about his patients, and I hear the same thing over and much he has helped alleviate pain.

Jennifer M. *****

Weight Loss
Dr. Afshari has developed a specific program to change your body. Call to make an appointment for more information.
Your support of our program could save a hero's life and make you healthy. 
Ph: 407 883 0288




When weight loss is done properly, it comes as a side-effect of a healthier life. We will analyze your whole-body nutrition needs, dive into your body’s blood work, and design a plan so you can shed the weight, without the side-effects of saggy skin, or the dreaded bounce-back; you know, that moment when the diet ends and the weight rushes back before you can blink twice.



Throw away the diet books

Don’t even think about diet pills

When weight is lost properly, you can keep it off. And, you won’t believe how much younger you’ll feel. Believe us, you have no idea what you are capable of. Let us unlock that inner potential.


Under Construction.  Please forgive our mess.  Please check back soon for updates and valuable information.

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